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An Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus Face Mask
3rd Intermediate Period 1070- 680BC
Ex English Private Collection

The importance of the sarcophagus to the Ancient Egyptians went far beyond function, it was of great religious and symbolic meaning and played many roles, essential in both this world and the next. The face mask affixed to the coffins lid, did not usually represent a true likeness of the deceased but was certainly the most significant element, both visually and in terms of importance. Due to a combination of their obvious decorative appeal, the fact that they were relatively easy to remove from the sarcophagus without major loss or damage and were quite portable, many were taken from their original context, often by unscrupulous tomb robbers and sold to museums, private collectors and to tourists as exotic souvenirs during the age of exploration.

This fine example retains much of its original plaster surface dressing, painted details and original securing pegs.

Dimensions (Approximate)

Height: 23.5cm,  Width: 13cm,  Depth: 8cm,  Overall Height: 31cm (Including stand)