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A Rare English Medieval ‘Kingston-Type-Ware’ Money Box 1240-1400
Discovered in London, 1955
Ex English Private Collection, Passed by Descent

From the mid 13th century to the 16th century, a type of pale coloured earthenware, with a slightly sandy texture was produced and widely used in London and the surrounding areas. Typically covered in areas of characteristic and highly distinctive speckled green glaze these products are collectively known as ‘Surrey Whiteware’ due to their unglazed body coloration and places of production at a variety of locations in Surrey and along the Surrey-Hampshire borders.

This money box was almost certainly produced at the Kingston-upon-Thames site and can therefore, (although still belonging to the Surrey Whiteware group), be more accurately termed as ‘Kingston-type ware’. It was discovered in London in 1955 during excavations at ‘Blossoms Inn’, 3-4 Trump Street EC2 and is marked accordingly. A small portion has been removed from the top, enlarging the original slit opening, facilitating access to the contents, a common and understandable process of vandalism which most unusually, in this instance, has fortunately left the moneybox remarkably intact.

Dimensions (Approximate)

Height: 4.5cm,  Width: 7.5cm